SimWay AB is a privately held company specializing in simulation- and game applications for PC and mobile devices. Since the start in 2006 we have been developing a variety of software products for golf, hunting and sports. Each segment obviously calls for dedicated technical solutions but they all share core technology; our in-house developed 3D-engine.

The engine allows free movement and interaction in large scale virtual worlds and offers flexibility to adapt and tune any application exactly to our needs. It is platform independent and scalable from small IPhone apps to full-scale simulators. To ensure complete control of the simulation experience we now also manufacture customized hardware components.

At present our international customer base spans over 20 countries and we are continuously expanding our sales organization with resellers around the globe.

SimWay is located in central Stockholm, Sweden. SimWay

SimWay Hunt & Sport Simulators are represented in Finland by YITC SimWayhunt